Hov, J Cole Top 5 And Fab.

Back to a news type post after the Biggie post yesterday. The video below we have the king of Roc Nation Jay Z live on his blueprint 3 tour in Greensboro North Carolina with the future of hiphop J Cole. They team up and done A Star Is Born. It is such a dope performance they work well together. I think the video for this track will drop soon maybe? Hope so.

Back to J Cole I found this at GlobalGrind its a J Cole blog on there of his five top things to have in the studio. It is below.
Rap Book - I'm a traditional rapper. Pen and Pad. Every now and then I sneak raps on the blackberry but I prefer my thoughts documented on paper.

Mac Book - I started to use Logic recently, it's cool because I can make beats from wherever I'm at now. Just pull out the laptop and get to work.

Good Headphones - Incredible sound is a must.

DRANKS - Everybody got their vice. I don't really use liquor for the creative process, but it definitely helps set the mood of a studio session.

Good People - Nothing can ruin a session more than people with clashing energy. As an artist if you're not comfortable with everybody around you while creating, it can cause you to over-think or lose focus.

A Recent Fabolous video which he speaks about New York rapper Fabolous has made a public calling for Nas to prepare a strong comeback and remind younger hip-hop generations of his rap pioneering skills.

Peace All.


The Ghost of Nas said...

Good post the performance is crazy

Tokyo.Diamond said...

J.Cole is one of the best MCs out there.

Tommy The Fashionist said...