Interview With Lee. CrownedKingMusic

1. Could you tell us abit about yourself?

My name is Leland im from New York. Into music fashion,sports,etc.

2. We know you have a blog could you tell u what it is about?

My blog is about the latest and hottest music out there. I can always just look for my self but I like to inform you guys of whats going on also.

3. Why did you name of blog the name its got?

Well a king usally is the one with the crown, so i figured i want this to be the most popular place people go to for newe music and it will be the king of hip-hop websites.

4. Your a big hiphop fan so what artist do you listen and why?

A little bit of everything. Some of my favorites are fabolous, Rick Ross, Ludacris, Jay-z, Nas and Kanye West I listen to them because the fact that they make great music and there not afraid to say what they think in there music. Also there some of the top mc's when it comes to music

5. What do you think of the current state of hiphop at this present time?

Well to me there isnt very much HIP-HOP artist out now. Its just that if someones rapping it falls under the catorgorie of hip-hop. When its really diffrent styles of rap.someone talks about money and cars doesnt make them hip-hop.hip-hop are true lyricists who speak there mind.

6. What are your favourite album and song of alltime?

WOW ummm, fravorite albums is nas GOD'S SON & jay-z's THE BLACK ALBUM also kanye's GRADUATION.when it comes to songs imma have to say blackrob's WHOA and wu-tang's C.R.E.A.M.

7. Your in to fasion as well could you tell us about your style and clothing brands you like?

a'eropostal,Ralph Lauren.when it comes down to kicks im all over the place.lol

8. In 5 years time what do you want to be doing?

Hopefully a well established music artist signed to a label.

9. What can we expect from you and your blog this year?

Cant really say its the people that make the music that keep me on my grind. If they puttin out trash im not gonna post it.but i think this gonna be a good year for hip-hop.

10. Last is there anything else you would like today?

I just want to say i love hip-hop.it runs in my blood. I dont talk about this on my blog but my father had the oppurtuity to be signed to def jam when he was a teen. But he turned it down because they didnt want to sign the intire group only him and 1 other. Im trying to get past the level of close to getting signed. I want to get signed and make music for the rest of my life. Nothing better than your hobby being your job.