J. Cole - The Come Up (Throwback)

NC A&T "The Come Up"

So today I listened to "The Come Up" for probably the 50th time and it occurred to me that this mixtape is far overlooked. It is definitely overlooked in my opinion it's better than "The Warm Up". It was released back in 2007 as his first mixtape. Before how big he is now he had to pass this mixtape out. He charged everyone $1 for the mixtape. The reason why he charged money for the mixtape in his words is "If someone gives you a CD for free, you’re going to throw that shit out. But if you paid at least a dollar for it you’re going to give it a listen." Well anyway this tape is a classic and I just wanted to give it more shine. Read more to download and get the tracklist.

Download: J. Cole - The Come Up (Throwback)

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