Pete Rock - One Of The Best.

I feel like doing a different type of post today so im going to do a featured artist post but on a producer. Yes one of my favs not DJ premier but PETE ROCK. He is an American record producer, DJ and rapper which shows he can do a lot of things. Pete Rock started with the legendary Marley Marl as a DJ when he was 17 in the late 80s. He was getting big at a early age and then started producing for big names. "Down With the King" for Run-DMC, and "The World Is Yours" for Nas, as well remixing singles for Jeru The Damaja ("You Can't Stop The Prophet"), Public Enemy ("Shut 'em Down"), and The Notorious B.I.G. ("Juicy" - the original of which was allegedly based on Rock's own demo).

Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth "They Reminisce Over You"

Pete Rock joined "Pete Rock & CL Smooth" which was a duo group of them two and Pete Rock was the DJ. They made three which drop early in the 90s. Mecca and the Soul Brother was there secodn album which is my fav and I think there best. But after they stop the duo group he was still DJin ith Marley Marl on the radio etc. He made his first album called Soul Survivor whcih he DJ and Rap on. It had many guest on it the likes of Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Black Thought, Common, Big Pun, Common etc. The album is great and its got many great artist on it as well. Pete Rock drop an instrumental album which had like 40 tracks on. He made Hip Hop Underground Soul Classics in 03 whcih had artist like Q-Tip etc.

Nas ft Pete Rock- The World Is Yours
Pte Rock sings in the chorus and produces the track.

Soul Survivor II hit the stores in 2004 whcih is a classic I think from Pete Rock he done a great job with this album and got greta artist on it. Pete Rock is also the older brother and younger cousin, respectively, of rappers Grap Luva and Heavy D. Pete Rock oversaw the production of Jay Stay Paid, a posthumous album by the producer J Dilla, released June 2, 2009 on Nature Sounds. Which the late J Dilla idol was Pete Rock. To me Pete Rock is key factor in hiphop and one of th best producers of all time with premier, j dilla, rza etc.

Pete Rock best beats on a youtube video its dope.



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