Lets Start This

Whats good everyone, just want to drop a quick post. Shout outs to Nas for dropping that dope post the other day on artist who are underrated. I agree with the list. And someone new is joing the blog its lee but your find more about that tomorrow probs. Check out Kanye West new track "Power" cant find a link or video for it yet. Check it out at rap radar etc. But below is a video I found on youtube its a remix of Nas ft Eminem called "White Country". Who killed it?

R.I.P Gary Coleman


MalibuMara said...

cool song, you didn't blog about kanye!
are you still going to change up the blog or are you done?

La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

this song is nice... and the link for kanye is on my blog lajodi3andlacouture.blogspot.com/ u can just click on the embed and add it to ur blog!!!!