Drake - Thank Me Later (Review)

The highly anticipated album leaked last night as expected. Finally got the chance to hear it. Below is a track by track review.

1. Fireworks (Feat. Alicia Keys) (Prod. By 40). - A perfect intro to the album. A slow story telling track with great vocals from Ms. Keys. Nothing super special but it's fine. 8.5/10
2. Karaoke (Prod. By Francis & The Lights) - To be honest this is my least favorite track. The title does pretty much some it up. It seems like random singing to me, and we all know Drake isn't the greatest singer. 6.5/10
3. The Resistance (Prod. By 40 & Boi-1da) - Beat is a little boring and the hook isn't great, but the lyrics are on point. One of the stronger rap tracks on the album. "Still here with who I started wit, The game needed life I put my heart in it. I blew myself up I'm on some martyr shit, Carried the weight for my city like a cargo ship." 8/10
4. Over (Prod. By Boi-1da) - This joint had the internet going nuts when it first came out. I'll be honest, it had to grow on me. But when it did I loved it. The beat is addicting. The song seemed to describe his feelings. 9/10
5. Show Me A Good Time (Prod. By Kanye West) - This song is single worthy and it definitely is one of my favorites. A lot of people are saying that Drake has the same flow on every song, you can't say that about this song. It has a  "Good Life" by Kanye West type of feel. Kanye out did himself on the beat. 9.5/10
6. Up All Night (Feat. Nicki Minaj) (Prod. By Boi-1da) - This song is an ode to Young Money. With Ms. Minaj along for the ride. The beat is nice although it's a little generic. 8/10
7. Fancy (Feat. T.I & Swizz Beatz) (Prod. by Swizz Beatz) - I had absolutely no expectations for this joint. This song is one of the few on the album without a Drake hook. Swizz Beatz did a different type of beat and T.I. did his part as well. 8.5/10
8. Shut It Down (Feat. The Dream) (Prod. 40 & Omen) - Slow R&B joint featuring The Dream. Joint is simply about women going out and shutting it down with how good they look. Not a fan of the Drake verse at the end. 8/10.
9. Unforgettable (Feat. Young Jeezy) (Prod. 40 & Boi-1da) - One of my favorite songs off the album. Loving the Aaliyah sample. Drake did his part but he was outshined for the first time on his own album by Young Jeezy. 9/10
10. Light Up (Feat. Jay-Z) (Prod. By 40 & Tone Mason) - I was actually disappointed by this song. I expected it to be amazing and it just was good. Drake went hard and Jay went hard but the beat didn't and the hook didn't. 8.5/10
11. Miss Me (Feat. Lil Wayne) (Prod. By Boi-1da) - This song is simply the best Drake verse on the entire album and Lil Wayne yapping on a nice beat. "Drake stand for Do Right And Kill Everything". 9/10
12. Cece’s Interlude (Prod. By 40) - This is simply an interlude. Singing is alright though. Solid track. 7.5/10
13. Find Your Love (Prod. By Kanye West) - When this first dropped I initially hated it and then it grew on me. It's currently the most listened song on my ITunes from the album. The beat is different but nice and Drake's voice sounds good on it. 9.5/10
14. Thank Me Now (Prod. By Timbaland) - Good way to end an album triumphantly. The lyrics have a lot of meaning. The song seems arrogant but good. 8/10
15. 9AM In Dallas (Bonus) (Prod. By Boi-1da) - This joint needs to be on the album because it's amazing. This is my favorite Boi-1da beat. And Drake goes off on a couple haters. It's rumored that Itunes will have this as an album bonus. 9/10

Consensus - Final grade is an 8.5/10 This is a very strong album but under the level of being a classic. The leak shouldn't effect his sales I predict he'll sell somewhere between 500K and 700K in the first week. Will it do Blueprint 3/Carter 3 numbers? Who knows.


AP :D said...

what do you mean the leak was expected?
anyway good review, im gonna listen to some songs online until i get the album. im unsure about how it will sell, because well its his first album lol but he also gained a lot of fame pre-album.
check out my latest post on the new pioneers of hip hop. its rite up your alley lol


Nas Holston said...

every album leaks. usually the big albums leak 2 2weeks early. It leaked on june 1st and the album drops june 15th. The Carter 3 leaked 2 weeks early as well as The Blueprint 3.