Eminem - Not Afraid Video

New Video: Eminem “Not Afraid”

Eminem’s Album Recovery Out June 22nd.


Harry Swag said...

yo whats up
do u actaully rap?
or do u just love rap music?
Eminem performed this song last night at the Jonathan Ross show

Harry Swag said...

yeah i rap man

Harry Swag said...

do u like country

Harry Swag said...

Kl kl. :) LOL
Yeah I have a webcam but it doesnt work so i cant spitting anything :(
I'm just loving you blog dude
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Excellent Post!

Compared to the other crap on the radio, Em is a fresh breath of air, among others.
Stoked about the new album.

Dope blog, I'm following. Check out mine: http://setmindgo.blogspot.com/

C. Williams

Murda said...

Definitely feeling your blog man! We put you on the blog roll. Thanks again for checking us out!

La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

this song is soo nice, and i was just waiting for him to make a video to it!!! thank u!!!! lol

Common Life said...

Dope! YOu gotta love the song man, and the video just gave it such a greater feelin!


Anonymous said...

love him and love the vid