Interview With Haziq Ali

This is an interview with D.C. rapper Haziq Al who currently splits his time between D.C., and Atlanta, wants to push rap’s boundaries in other ways, too. Ali has honed his skills at dozens of battles, open mics, and other live shows–including shows, tours, & appearances with 50 cent, Killer Mike, Kanye West, Dead Prez, and more.
1) Haziq Ali could you please tell us abit about yourself and your music?

Im a serial entreprenuer who started his first business in Junior High School and raps about it now because i think business is the perfect intersection between passion and service.- that is doing what u LOVE and using it to serve mankind.. &they call that entreprenuership.

2) Last year you had an album out called "Business Is Good" what was it like making the album?

I enjoyed it immensely!! ive been running businesses all my life- so to to get to share my experiences & lessons via music was crazy rewarding..

3) You recently had one of your latest tracks "On Point" was featured on www.allhiphop.com which is one of the biggest hip-hop based websites on the internet how did it feel?

Incredible- they actually gave me heater of the day twice in a week- which im not sure happens alot. It all came off me rockin on that Wale, K'naan tour awhile back... super cool experience.

4) Your first music video for your track "Freedom/Hussla" was on MTVJams not so long ago what was that like?

Mtv has always been a dream of mine... to see it happen was no less than incredible- I must admit.

5) You performed your song "We Flyin'" on the Wale & K'Naan tour could you tell us about it?

Its a pop record according to industry ears- but to me, it just sounds like good music...

6) What influences in music do you look up to and is there any reasons why?

I love Lady Gaga because she knows her brand and exploits it better than any i`ve ever seen. Kanye West, Eminem, and Jay-Z are also worthy of study for all the obvious reasons...

7) You have done a collaboration with Beanie Sigel what was that like?

The main thing that stuck out to me about that was he got paid $50,000. for a verse. what else u wanna know?

8) You have worked with producer Ski Beatz who is very well know could tell us what it was like working with him and what music did you two make together?

We created the majority of the album together. hes a creative genius. no two ways about it.

9) Your from D.C what is like to come from there and whats the hip-hop in D.C like?

Theirs a lot of love and support in DC. my people love me!

10) Is there any D.C music artist you look up to?

Marvin Gaye.

11) If you were able to collaborate with any artist in the world who would it be and why?

Portishead. they really blew my mind when i heard their soundscapes... id love to do a project with em- ive samled em numerous times too

12) How would you describe the current state of hip-hop?

vibrant. exciting. pregnant. recharged.

13) What can we expect from Haziq Ali for the rest of this year?

Alot more exposure from radio to television. Im going to be the kind of tastemaker the world deserves very soon. Im fightin for the light side of the force... dont worry mama.

14) Finally is there anything else you would like to say to the readers?

Like i say in a few of my songs, the key to life is believing in GOD.. goal over distraction.

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