2011 XXL Freshmen Predictions

Every year the XXL Freshmen list is something to question. I've seen a lot of predictions for this year's upcoming list. Here's my prediction for this year's list in no order. These aren't all my favorite artists this is who I think is gonna be on the list.

Curt@!N$ - Real talented dude one of my favorites. He needs to get a little more exposure but you can't deny that he has skills on the mic.

Big K.R.I.T. - He has skills but I picked him mainly because he's one of the better emcees coming from the south.

Dom Kennedy - Been making a name for himself. But dude is mostly new to me.

XV - Still shaking my head at how in the hell this dude didn't make it last year. I'm having a feeling that he won't make it list year either.

Vado - Camron's protege is another rapper making a name for himself. Probably should have made it last year as well. Easily one of this year's best

Yelawolf - Looks like he should be in a rock band but he's been getting his buzz up. Not a fan though.

Diggy - He may not have put in some of the same amount of work as some of these others. But the kid still has room to grow.

Laws - Another guy that is new to me. He's a little raw now but he can get better.

K. Sparks - I don't expect him to make the list. But I like him.

Kendrick Lamar - The EP he dropped early this year has gotten some rotation on my ipod.


Supastarrr said...

Your list is on point. hopefully we see some of them on the list for 2011.

Anonymous said...

I love those music.
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Chris said...

Ya Boy YOUNG CHRIS THA CAPTIN, Might just surprise You! Google the name...

Jamar said...

I Can Dig The List...But Where Is J.C aka Mr. IL

akayfour said...

Wheres Tyler The Creator and the rest of OFWGKTA.



Anonymous said...

Tyler the creator is better than bout half of them he should deff be on here OFWGKTA

Anonymous said...


Joey Rahimi said...

youre missing kellee maize

she has more twitter followers, facebook fans and youtube views than most of these guys

xxl needs a female rapper on the cover BADLY too

shannon said...

Push! Montana should be on the cover over these cats dude is a beast fressshhh!

iamabeathead said...


Anonymous said...

Check out our Freshman 10! Very similar, a few new faces though! http://six4teen.com/blog/?p=897

Anonymous said...

I Like it.. :D

Leo said...


He was featured on ksparks mixtape. toured wit tabi&lmfao.


king_showbiz said...

where 950 plus