Lupe Fiasco – BMF (Building Minds Faster)

I know im late with this one but Lupe went in on this. The track is below hopefully Lasers will be soon as we all want it. Apparently its finished its just Atlantic Records taking there time with it or something.

I think I'm Malcolm X..Martin Luther...Add a king... Add a Junior...

Lupe Fiasco Building Minds Faster Freestyle  I know im late with this one


Unique Fashion said...

Love both wersion lol!!! awesome check out my blog

Morgan said...

me too!
This is so positive n real. Lupe always speaks tha truth.

Hopefully this will get as much air play as the original.

ya blog is dope
lovee to have u as a follower:

(( oh im also a new follower of urs on twitter @LostOnCloud9 ))

TruGlamGuzzie said...

LOVES Lupe!!!!! And LOVES the content of the blog.

You are now being fashionably followed by urs truly!