Jay-Z Early Fast Flow To Reasonable Doubt?

Everyone knows who Jay-Z is and his music as well this is not a feature artist post about him. Its about how he change his style and technique in his music. Before his first album Reasonable Doubt came out in 1996 you could say Jay used to rap faster. This was in Hov earlier music which were freestyles, collaboration and unreleased work. If you go back to 1990 Jay-Z collaborated with The Jaz it was called "The Originator". Its a completely different Jay-Z to now. But it was in 1990 so it was a different style back then in hip-hop.
The Jaz & Jay-Z - The originator (1990)

So there is Jay rapping fast but there is much more. I found some of his old freestyles on youtube which I think are from the early 90's. The video has four freestyles put in to the video which has an old school vibe to it I would say. Also I have posted this before so some of you might have seen it but its Jay-Z freestyle with Big L thats' a different Jay flow I feel. You can watch view with Jay and Big L here.

Then in 1994 Jay-Z had a music video which was for his song called "I Can't Get Wit That". It was an unreleased and a rare song according to youtube. It's one of my favorite Jigga track I have ever heard. The reason why his flow and beat link in very well and makes it a good song.

Jay-Z - I Can't Get Wit That [1994 Rare & Unreleased]

This is a song which Jay-Z features in with a few other artists. It's called "Show & Prove" and its a Big Daddy Kane track from his album in 1994 "Daddy's Home". Jay-Z verse come in around 2:56 on the video. Its not the longest verse from Hov but its a fasted rap.

"Show and Prove"- Big Daddy Kane Ft. Jay-Z Etc.

So when Jay-Z released his first album  Reasonable Doubt in 1996 it had a different Jay flow to the previous videos in this post. So the flow change in the making of Reasonable Doubt and the first single was "Dead Presidents". Which had a new Jay-Z a slower flow I would say it's still dope.  


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