Interview With Lyrix (Fiasco Friday)

Recently I was speaking to JPolo on twitter he went to Fiasco Friday with Lyrix, so we deiced to do an interview about it and here the first one with Lyrix.

Tell us a abit about yourself?

My name is Lyrix of MakingYouThink. I'm 16 and from Richmond, VA. I'm a positive-conscious Hip Hop artist that knows and appreciates music.

Your recently went to Fiasco Friday, what was it like?

It was a historic experience. Fans and supporters from all over came to get what they wanted, and we did. Power to the people.

Was there any certain vibe when you were there?

The vibe was like no other. It was a bunch of down-to-earth, intellectual sneakerheads who believed in action, and they all had a passion for good music, especially Lupe Fiasco's. It's like we all grew up together on the same block.

There were many people there at Fiasco Friday, did you get a chance to speak to some?

Yeah, during the protest we chalked it up with a lot of people with dope personalities and outlooks. Hannah Kramer, Beverly Nathaniel, Chris Tatum, Alicia Moes, Luella Mink, Dosage, Matt La Corte. We all exchanged info and what not. After the protest, we grabbed some pizza with one of the organizers of the protest, Matt Morrelli, as well as Alicia, Luella, and some others.
Did you enjoy the experience of Fiasco Friday?

It was a once-in-a-lifetime kinda thing. People walking on the street that didn't even know what was going on were enjoying it and rocking out with us to the music. It's so beautiful to see people who have the same beliefs and views. And for those same people to become upset about something, and actually come out and DO something about it, was amazing.

Lasers will be coming out early next year, what do you have to say about it?

I'll be the first person in line at 11:59 the day before. I bought "The Cool" a couple times, just because. "Lasers" comes out on my 17th birthday, and I'm asking my friends at school for copies of the album just because. Good music is like candy to us kind of people.

Whats your favorite Lupe Fiasco song and album?

Favorite song–as of now, "Intruder Alert." Lu' is one of the very few people in music that is bold enough to address some of the things he does. Favorite album–as of now, "The Cool." That's when I first heard Lupe's music. That album changed my life for the better. But that's another story.

So what other artists do you listen to?

I like Ryan Leslie a lot. When I met him, he seemed really down-to-earth as well. B.o.B was on my list since way back, I like Em, Nas, Wale, J. Cole, Big Sean. Other than that, I mostly listen to the people I work with. Embezz Pierre, Mike Hews, my brother, Koncept.

Have you ever thought about making a blog?

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Here comes the cliche shout-out part. Shout outs to Matt Morrelli for organizing Fiasco Friday along with Matt La Corte. Shout outs Lupe Fiasco for being himself. Shout outs to my brother, Koncept. Our mixture, "Koncepts & Lyricism," will be dropping soon. And my bro J-Polo who was the main reason we didn't get lost in New York on Fiasco Friday. And hit me on Twitter @LyrixMYT. Real Hip Hop for life.

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