Most Anticipated Albums For 2011

As this year is coming to an end I thought I would do a post on the most anticipated albums in 2011. This year been a very succesful year in hip-hop for albums with the likes of Kanye West, Eminem, Drake releasing albums in 2010. With albums from Big Boi and Rick Ross which were better than expected. Many albums are expected to come out next year and some rumored too.

Dr Dre album "Detox" seems closer than ever to nearly be finished which should give it
release date some when next year. A month or so ago Dre said he just had to finish a couple more
songs then doing the mixing period. Everyone wants to hear this album as we have
been waiting for so for it. After leaks off song not finished hit the internet Dr Dre had to start on new
songs. But the first single "Kush" off the album is out which features Akon
& Snoop Dogg.

Nas next album should be out late year, he said the summer of 2011. But with his Lost Tapes 2
meant to be out already which it is not as Def Jam had problems with it all. As the label
dont want to put out Lost Tapes 2 for a few reasons. So if Lost Tapes 2 does comes out it
will be some when next year before his next album. As all the music for Lost Tapes 2 is just music
Nas has not used for albums in the past so he does not have to record anything for it. With many producers
want to work with Nas on his next album the likes of DJ Premier and Kanye West.

With most of J Cole debut album almost done he still working on some new songs for the album.
Still trying to find the song for the Jay-Z feature if that happens. We know this album
will be out next year. With most of the production from J Cole, No I.D as well.
After Drake debut album "Thank Me Later" came out this year we know he wants to put out his second
album next year and its called "Take Care". Which he is working on at the moment.

Lupe Fiasco "Lasers" we know this album has been finished and handed in to his label for a while.
But with problems with Atlantic Records not giving it a date for the album to come out.
It caused online petition for the album to come which many fans signed up for and then Fiasco Friday happen which was fans went to Atlantic Record offices then protested. So it got March 8 for Lasers to come out in 2011. On other news Lupe has worked on his next album also.

Thats just some of the albums with many more coming out from the likes of Talib Kweli, Lil Wayne, Slaughterhouse, DJ Premier Vs Pete Rock, Jay Electronica, Blu. Maybe even that
Andre 3000 or Black Thought solo albums?

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