Who To Watch In 2011: Kendrick Lamar

Who to watch in 2011 is going to be a few posts on artists or groups who I think will have a good year in 2011. It might be that they are going to blow up or they are just going to get bigger. I expect Nas to put some posts like this up as he done it before on a number of times. As a few months back he done a post on who he thought would be on XXL Freshman List for 2011.

Kendrick Lamar is up incoming artist from California who has been on the underground scene, who is getting more recognized in the last few months. If you go to sites like his myspace or search his name on youtube you can find his music. There is no doubt he has talent you just got to listen to his version of Kanye West "Monster". Having past mixtapes out you can hear some of his older music and recently he put out a EP called "(O)verly (D)edicated". With Dr Dre saying in an interview he wanted to work with Kendrick Lamaer. We saw Kendrick Lamar put out a song called "Look Out For Detox". So Dre wants to work Kendrick and they met each other for the first time the over month. With Detox still not fully complete they are expected to work on some songs for it. Maybe Kendrick will get on XXL Freshman of 2011 list.

I would not be surprised if we saw Dr Dre try and sign Kendrick Lamar to his label?

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benny said...

Kendrick lamar deserves his credit! Hope he blows up cause he's well Needed in rap. He has a lot of talent too .. his realness andl originality is so on point. We need that in hip-hop now days