A Star Is Born - Whos Better?

I was just on twitter and saw something interesting so I have made a post out of it. It was about freestyles over "A Star Is Born" which was the song of Jay-Z 2009 album "Blueprint 3" which featured J Cole in the song. Here two freestyle over it one from Diggy Simmons and other from Levi. Who do you think done better?

Diggy Simmons - "A Star Is Born" Freestyle

Levi - "A Star Is Born" Freestyle


Orlando said...


Crooked said...

LEVI by far
+compare all their tracks, levi is better on all levels

MalibuMara said...

and this is old digs huh?
I like jay-z's better LOL.

Well im good,
still dealing with that spanish thing,
I had finals, all my other classes were good.And yea i do sometimes... Im actually working on something.....................