Graffiti Is ART!!!!!

Graffiti is ART!!!!
Biggie Smalls, JMJ,Tupac,Big L,50 Cent, Krs One Graffiti.
What you think of the pics?


j.zwaggerson (jarael) said...

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Smoothoperator said...

graffiti is definitely art. It takes serious skills to put together something like this. The 50cent one has a lot of detail to the face.

Good post



S.Reezy said...

Hey!!! Firstly I'm sorry 4 the l8 reply. I have been so busy.
Thanks for the comments on my blog :)
And your blog is hottttt!!!! so as the graffitti.:):):)
I'm Following u ;)

C.Freezze said...

Thats sum ill art rite dea;iCAN digg it. Yo follow/subscribe to my blog and ill return the gesture thanks. :)

miss2009 said...

dat 50cents 1 is Dope
iam loving ya blog!

JUSTIN said...

yo this is sick man much respect for all the artist who made that