Check This OUT!

Everybody if ya love hiphop check out http://mathclassheroes.blogspot.com/

It is a dope blog and alwyas got great updates on the hiphop world. And you will always see top class videos from artists or new tracks. I think its one of the dopest blogs I have seen. all of ya should check it out! TRUST ME!

Anyways I got somethings happening to my blog. I think its going forward. I might be having a couple of collaborations. So a couple new posts from new people. To give it a bit extra it might be happening. I think it would be dope.

Check out this video its a old hiphop track.

Krs One & NAS<<<<<


daniel said...

yo what happed with you fashion post you where talking to me about a long time ago like you post sum but then you stop what happen? i really liked them.

MalibuMara said...

oh hey im fine,

i dont really have a lot of knowledge in hiphop females,
i just listen to all types of music really,
i don't think id be good at it lol,
unless i wrote about dope female wear.

Jimmy said...

Cool track!

I'm a graphic design major, but i might double major in fashion merchandising too.