My Throwback Thursday

A Tribe Called Quest - Check The Rhime


MalibuMara said...

m, not yet,
i write things based on what i like,
most blog i see are copied and pasted crap from highsnobiety and kanye west,
if i wanted to see that id go there,
so i dont know yet,
next month is november i might do something fall/winter related...
im not sure,
any suggestions?

i feel like that boyfriend clothing post would have went well on Diggys blog but oh well.

Anonymous said...


MalibuMara said...

oh thats cool,

yea diggy wants me to write about female stuff bc he doesnt know much about it,
so i cant so menswear,

i wish i see cool stuff all the time,
but it will just go on my blog lol.

Jay's said...

Hay man ur blog is dope follow mine

Joycelynn said...

Classic i listen to this everyday...u on point phife? yo all the time tip! ahhaha luv it yo

Joycelynn said...

here's a funky introduction of how nice i am...tell ya mother...tell ya father send a telegram!