Interview with Malibumara

1. Tell us abit about yourself?

Well Im Tamara AKA Malibumara from malibumara.blogspot.com Im a fashion merchandising major at Sam Houston and im 19 but look like im in middle school :)

2. Could you tell us about your blog?

Well, I started the blog in may 2008 because i needed a place to dump all my random thoughts. I never promoted it or anything and then slowly people started discovering it and i learned how to promote it and i love the fact that people read and comment it every day it makes me happy to know people understand how passionate i am about fashion and that i have real knowledge about it.

3. How long have you been in to fasion?

Since i was in 3rd grade, i said i wanted to be a designer, in 5th i wanted to model, in middle school i liked designing and advertising and in highschool i learned about the business side and have stuck with that ever sense.Now that im in college i want to style and be buyer.

4. Who is your favourite fasion designer?

Marc Jacobs all the way, he inpired me in 8th grade and i have been in love ever sense lol.

5. Could you tell us about your own style of fasion?

My style evolves with me, i like vnecks right now and i dress them up with jewlry or vests, i love the idea of wearability i can wear the same shirt and pants 5 days in a row and you wouldnt notice, Once fashion changes i cut and sew to make it look different and updated. lately ive been adding sequins for a fun pop.

6. What kind of clothing brands do you wear?

Honestly i shop alot of forever21, i like thrift stores, i have a few pieces from saks and nordstroms.

7. Do you ever sketch if so, could you tell us about some?

Somtimes, i jot down my ideas i don't have full collections down but if i imagine something i draw it maybe i'll turn it into something one day but that not my goal.

8. How do you feel the fashion world is heading?

I think that upcoming designers like Alexander Wang, Christian Siriano and Thankoon are really taking fashion to the next level, upcoming models like Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn are bringing the supermodel back. I see good things in the future even here in my hometown HOUSTON,TEXAS!!!! we're getting our own fashion week so you'll remember my name for sure.
9. Do you have any favourite fashion shows if so, could you tell us some?

Most recently the Alexander McQueen RTW2010 was amazing, I love Louis Vuitton Spring2007 the runway was a long green walkway and it was so fun, and of course in all honesty the VICTORIAS SECRET fashion show owns every year!

10. Do you have anyideas what you want to be doing in 5 years time?

Well i'll be graduated so hopefully i'll be at a stylist office helping perfect Houston fashion week and gettin PAID haha.

11. Have you got new ideas for your blog?

I want to tell more about myself and my journey as well people liked the posts about my heart run and my book review so i want to do more of that, maybe interviews and things like that.

12. You have written on Diggy Simmons blog before, you tell us about it?

We met strangely through his brother jojo actually, i showed Diggy my blog and he was like "thats dope" and about a week later he said he wanted to work with me, he's a really nice person i wish him the best i can imagine handling everything he does at that age but i know he can do it, he has a unique gift and im glad he's sharing it. There has only been one malibumonthly and one unpublished malibumonthly i have no clue when its going up but i hope you like it.

13. Last question is there anything else you would like to say?

I would like to thank you for interviewing me you are one of my most consistent readers, i like your hiphop posts b.c its real hiphop not that catchy pop shit. I hope everyone logs on and subscribes to malibumara.blogspot.com and goes on my journey with me and thank you for reading my interview :)


Neesh B Fly said...

Nice interview...I Love her Blog and your is Nice too..

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like the interview and also love her blog.

MalibuMara said...

thanks for interviewing me :) i feel awesome

Jayy (The Official Fliistar) said...

bomb! I love malibuMara!

Ms. King said...

I understand about being in college and looking like you're in middle school, I hate that...I'm 19 too and I always get strange looks when people see me pumping my gas, or when i'm at work and they think I look to young to work.

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like the interview..

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Stephane 'thedoc' Elias said...

great post! This is a great blog and I love MalibuMara's blog as well so you put the two together and you have GREATNESS!!! lol :-) keep up the great work.

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i love her blogg: its inspirational :]

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