The Best Kid Rappers Ever

Shyheim probably was the only kid you could listen to and think he was 30 years old. What he rapped about was definitely not what you would expect a 15 year old to rap about. He dropped his first album in '93. Everyone is probably saying that he didn't write his rhymes. Either way he was schooled in rap by the Wu Tang Clan. As a kid he had spent time living with Ghostface Killah. I know a lot of you are saying I never heard of this dude. He has dropped 4 albums out and is still making music.

A+ is a name probably more of yall are familiar with. A+ was 14 when his first album dropped. He began his rap career after winning a talent competition sponsored by Def Jam records. I actually purchased one of his albums back when I was 8. It was crazy to see a kid spitting like he was. He was called the young Nas or AZ. He definitely had the greatest delivery I had ever heard by a kid. He kind of disappeared after he dropped his second album in 1999 at the age of 16.

No matter how wack Bow Wow is now. Back in the day he was crazy to me. I do suspect that he didn't write his rhymes though. Anyway back when I was really young Bow Wow was one of everyone's favorite rappers especially the girls. He made this list pretty much because he still has success rapping for over 10 years.


rap-royalty.com said...

Bow Wow shouldn't be considered rap though, more pop than anything else.

- Joe of rap-royalty.blogspot.com

HipHopCulture said...

Great post, I agree with these artist. NAs your killing every post pce

Anonymous said...

i don't like either of these rappers. Bow Wow is garbage!

The Ghost of Nas said...

thats good we're getting another member for the blog. and as for my music I'm just making it. No mixtape or nothing just rapping.

Tokyo.Diamond said...

I remember Shyheim. My older brother used to own his CD. I like the On & On song. I can so relate to it.