Hiphop Today- Nas and Lupe Fiasco Album News.

Nas DJ Khaled,and Damian Marley in a Miami Club.

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Lupe Fiasco recently revealed that he might release two new albums this year, not just one. During an interview with Tony Touch, Lupe said his upcoming "Lasers" album already has a lead single but first he talked multiple albums. "I might do that this year too," Lupe said about releasing two albums for 2010. "FYI, maybe, maybe. If there's room. We'll see. We'll see. But even with that, I try not to rush because there's trends and you might get hyped up -- but before you know it, that trend has worn off and you look like the old dude."

"I think there's some people that sold a lot of records that kinda burned their candle at both ends...['I'm Beaming,'] just like it is with all my music, it's official now...It leaked out, so we had to chase it. It wasn't meant to be the first single, but it's the first look produced by The Neptunes -- it's actually the first record on the album."

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MalibuMara said...

can't wait for lupe's album
and when is the new nerd, this summer?

AP :D said...

this is gonna be a dope year for lupe, cant wait.
j coles mixtape is nuts also

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