Is Hiphop An Addiction?

Whats good everyone, In the last hour or so I been checking out so many different hiphop websites. To see if I could add anything to this post or my blog. Not much has happen in the hiphop world in the last couple of days. I seen some new tracks and interviews thats it. We need to see an album or mixtape to drop soon. Last I wanted to shout out to MalibuMara for making the dope header which is at he bottom of the blog at the momment. Which I will be putting at th top of the blog soon.

Drake says for his new album "Thank Me Later" which drops this year. He has study Nas is work and music to help with his first album. And also said he done the same with Andre 3000. Which shows Drake whats to improve as an artist which is great as we all know he has talent but he got more to give the fans.

So we know Kanye west has not made anything since 808s & Heartbreaks. Which was over a year and a half ago. There are many fans which want his new album to come soon. But today a new video for “Coldest Winter” by Kanye West.

KANYE WEST "Coldest Winter" Directed by: NABIL "ITUNES link below" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Jay-Z & Eminem are to perform at Ireland’s Oxegen music festival in July. The renegades are back and this will be Em’s first appearance in Ireland since his sold out shows in 2004. I cant wait for this to happen as hopefully there be some dope videos from it to blog about. As when Hov and Em perform for DJ Hero event it was great to see. I cant wait.

Rihanna Talks "Rated R" Follow-Up, Wants "More Energetic, Up-Tempo Pop Records"

Im a fan of all types of music and I know Rhianna not hiphop really. But she provides great collaboration with hiphop artist and her music is out of this world. Im a big fan of her. And her track Rude Boy is class.



MalibuMara said...

woah thanks for the shoutout,
and i like this post! dope music videos :)

JUSTIN said...

The coldest winter vid, is so good! the whole post is dope as always! And get well soon man..

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nice post

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Agreed with Justin youre posts are always dope and full of information.
And i really think the header at bottom is hot!

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Thanks for the comment man, I appreciate it! haha you don't agree Jay is the king of hiphop right know man?