Top 20 Jay-Z Songs (Part 1)

Yeah so I peeped Brenn's Top 20 Nas songs list. Liked it. Thought I would continue with it this time using Jay-Z. Who will eleven number 1 albums should have a lot of good songs. Of course we all know Jay is one of the best of all time.

20. Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up) - It's been a minute since I've listened to this track. But Jay is at his best with the lyrics. Song gets me hype when I listen to it. Vintage Jay-Z.

19. Jay-Z - Ignorant Shit - This is one of the most clever Jay-Z tracks ever. People usually don't get it and they're not supposed to. Beans kills it on his part too which is just a plus.

18. Jay-Z - Coming of Age & Da Sequel - I couldn't choose between these two songs. They are pretty much the same. Just like most of Jay-Z's old tracks you can tell that he was much more hungry in his bars.

17. Jay-Z - Give It To Me - This is literally the first Jay-Z song I've ever heard so I had to put this song on the list. The video's a little crazy. But it showed you that Jay-Z can always make a club hit.

16. Jay-Z - Where I'm From - Jay-Z made a better version of Diddy's Angels joint back in 97. Definitely one of my favorite Jay joints. As he talks about where he grew the Marcy projects in Brooklyn.

15. Jay-Z - December 4th - In my opinion this is one of the most underrated Jay-Z songs ever made. I feel like he really goes in on this. Plus its cool he got his mama on the song.

14. Jay-Z - So Ghetto - Jay on a premo beat enough said. Jay-Z came hard with the lyrics on this one.

13. Jay-Z - Song Cry - One of the most heartfelt Jay joints ever made. Gets in depth with his relationship issues. Hey it's hard to have relationships when your a young million dollar rapper.

12. Jay-Z - Anything - Another heartfelt joint. I love the sample. This song just brings back memories for me.

11. Jay-Z - A Star Is Born - I couldn't leave this joint off I've got a lot of old Jay joints on this list. But this song as Jay-Z pretty much talks about who's been in the rap game the past 10 plus years. And I think it's pretty clever how J. Cole is on the song kind of introducing him to the game.


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I Like Jay-Z's Girls Girls Girls♪
He Is Awsome Lyrist

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u forgot "Never Change"