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Everyone I just wanted to put out a quick post on the blog now. I put most new hiphop in to it but added a classic track at the bottom.

Lupe Fiasco Lives Out Childhood Dream With Novel, "Since I Was A Little Kid I've Been Telling Stories". I saw this interview on nas blog but I like it so wanted to add it to this post. But hiphop artist writting novels and books we seen before as the Clipse's Malice said he planned on dropping his own book last fall. Q-Tip has also decided to ink a tell-all book called Industry Rules which will reflect his rap career including his falling out with A Tribe Called Quest.
Check out Lupe Fiasco's interview below

NBA superstar LeBron James has co-signed Drake's recent rise in hip-hop and called the emcee's overall talent "unbelievable." LeBron believes Drizzy made an impact on the music game with his mixtapes."Unbelievable recording artist," LeBron said of Drake. "Unbelievable talent. I'm looking forward [to] his first LP. I think we all got So Far Gone and all the mixtapes he's come out with. But he's an unbelievable talent. He's great for everybody, great for music."

Even NBA legend Magic Johnson also shared his appreciation of Drake's contributions to hip-hop. "Drake is bringing a lot to the table, man, with a young audience," Magic said in an interview. "He's from Toronto. I think he's bringing it hard and heavy, you know? My daughter said I was cool because I was coaching with him instead of him coaching with me. All right, thank you!"
New York rapper Fabolous has promised to release his There Is No Competition 2 mixtape with DJ Drama this week.
"The mixtape is coming at the end of this week," Fab told radio host Angie Martinez. "It was supposed to have came and I gave a date but people have been killing me but I really wanted to make sure I put good material on it and now people started coming. I just got a verse from Nicki Minaj, I got something from Trey Songz, Jadakiss, so I added a couple things and people should just [be patient.] This could possibly have been an album -- but it's over other people's beats, too. Some of it is original joints but some is over, I did 'Say Something,' I did 'All The Way Turnt Up,' I did the Waka Flocka beat, few joints and then a few originals, mixed it up."
I cant wait for this to drop. It going on my ipod as soon as it comes on the internet.

Last thing I wanted to put this video fromn youtube I found the over month. It is a dope track which is from Run DMC with Nas and Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Its called Queens Day and it from there album Crown Royal [2001].


Common Life said...

yeah that's what Im sayin, he is the best right know, most def! Nobody can touch Jay right know man, but I agree he is probably not the best of all time. But yet again we'll never be able to say who's the best. But in my opinion Jay is definietly at the top 10. And in general, I think people would name Pac and Big as the two greatest of all time. But maybe that's because, dont get me wrong their music is above greatness, but maybe it's because the history behind the two is so tragical.



Anonymous said...

i love that Run DMC song cuz Im from Queens

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Fashion Wh0re said...

Fab is sickkk and Lupe nice too..Oh i'm followin you..

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