Nas - Top 20 Tracks. PART 1

This is a new type of post im going to try, its a post which will have two parts to it. Each part will have 10 tracks on it. The tracks can be songs the artist has featured in or it could be a freestyle. So im going to start it of with Nas who is one my favourite artist for many reason. One would be he came in to the hiphop world such at a young age. Hearing illmatic his first album you can tell how good he is.

20. Nas - Legendary
This is a track which was made for the Mike Tyson movie. I think it is a very strong track Nas does. The way he talks about Mike Tyson in it is dope. When I first heard it I knew it was going to be dope. It has been nominated for Oscar.

19 Kayne West Ft Krs One, Rakim and Nas. (DJ Premier)- Classic
A track which drop in 2007 and it got 3 great artist with Nas on the track. And DJ Premier made the beats and help make the track. The track repersents hiphop from all different years. Nas only features it in but he kills his part.

18 Nas Ft Puff Daddy - Hate Me Now
This track is old I know but I like it the way nas and puff go in on it. To me its was the period when Diddy was at his best. But Nas does a great job in it I think.
A track you have to like I think.

17 Nas - Dance
A track which has got a lot power behide it. It a song which means alot to Nas I think. Not many people have heard it but it had to be on the list. Your love it if you aint heard it.

16 Nas - Black President
I not from America but I watched Barack Obama win the elected and also have read Obama biography. So I know alot about him and Nas relates what it means for Obama to be the president. He done a great job with. I think its got tupac and eminem in th track. Love this track.

15 Nas - What Goes Around
This track goes so hard and Nas put so much effort in to it. It got a meaning to it I think. Just listen to it and your understand what im talking about. Talks about many different things in it.

14 Nas - No Idea's Original
A powerful track from Nas. It is from the lost tapes. One of Nas most powerful tracks I think. It shows how good he is. The best. And a youtube comment from the video is NASIR JONES SINCE 73'. THATS DOPE.

13 Nas - Purple
This is a over track from the lost tapes. It a tack which shows a diferent type of Nas some people say. It remind me of One Mic abit. But different in the way. It shows how powerful Nas is with his words in the track.

12 Nas - The World Is Yours
Many people I know loves this track. Which I agree with 100% one of Nas best track. I like it alot. For many reasons. The way Nas stop in the track then goes back in to it even better. Dope track.

11 Nas- Heaven
This track just takes me away. As the lyrics to this are out of the world I think. This track shows how good Nas is and why he up there with the likes of pac, biggie, hov etc. Its so strong worded.

"Nasir Jones" SO Many Great Tracks.


B.Magic said...

I like almost all of these have you heard Just A Moment By him and Quan Thats like one of my Fav. Songs ever

B.Magic said...

I Haven't Been getting Work lately but Im perfecting my craft

crowned king music said...

damn thats hard to pick nas got mad hits.my 2 fravorite are made you look and one love

Malibu said...

danng you put alot of work into this post,
i like it too!
\keep it up :)

Tommy The Fashionist said...


The Ghost of Nas said...

I never heard that Dance song. it's crazy. Nas will always be a legend in my eyes. Especially sense we have the same name.

The Ghost of Nas said...

My personal fav tracks by nas are one mic,one love & Hate Me now.

JUSTIN said...

great postt man! must have been alot of work! its dope man!