Nas - Top 20 Tracks. PART 2

This is the second part to my top 20 Nas tracks. I think the first part was very succesful on the blog and the post went down well. So lets kick it of with the number 10 spot.

10 Nas - Halftime
This had to be in the top 10. It is a great track. The lyrics from the being of the track to the end are non stop dope. I would relate the track to nas past and early life which he does well. It almost like a story. Dope track.

9 Nas - I gave you power
This is a track which drop in 1996 so stil early days for Nas. To me I think a key part of the track is how Nas kills the beats. It is produced by DJ Premier which is always dope what a team they are together.

8 Nas - Hiphop Is Dead
This a track where Nas was showing a message to everyone and hiphop. He was saying at this time when he drop this album hiphop was dead. He said that there was no artist at the time making good music for hiphop. To me he was right the hipho pat that time was poor it needed this track and album to make it more alive.

7 Nas - New York State Of Mind
This track is from the greatest album of all time "illmatic". Every hiphop fan has heard this great track. It was so good a part 2 came out. I love this track and Nas does a great job on it.

6 Nas - Ether
This would not be a top 20 list with out one of the diss track Nas done to Jay Z. When they had all there beef for so many years. Nas kills this track and diss Jay Z Z so much in the track. Yeah I know Hov done the same to Nas as well. But what Nas does in this is crazy.

5 Nas Ft AZ - Life's a Bitch
Whaat a track this is Nas and AZ both work well in it. I like this track alot as they both kill it. How Nas comes in the track after AZ is my fav part of it. Any hiphop fan lies this track to me.

4 Nas - Nas Is Like
This is a mad track. Every part is pure dope to me. The words are so powerful in it. One of the greatest tracks of all times. When DJ Premier comes in and starts scratching is great. Then it has got "Nas is like.. half man half amazing.."

3 Nas - It Ain't Hard To Tell
What a track and the words all the way though the track is so fresh. Nas at his best I think. It had to be high on the list it is such a great track. Everyone will agree.

2 Nas - One Mic
How Nas does from soft rapping to killing the beat. Its crazy not many artist can do that. We know pac and eminem can do it. But know if pople did not know Nas can do it two. And he murders this track. Its pure gold.

1 Nas - Memory Lane
To me its the greatest Nas track. But he has made so many great track. Every track on illmatic are dope. I like this track so much for many reasons. If your a hiphop fan you like this track know matter what. This track is about Nas is past in Queensbridge where Nas lived. A great track.

So thats it my top 20 tracks of Nas. I know we missed some tracks out like One Love, Represent, One Time 4 Your Mind etc. But these are my fav Nas tracks so you might have different which I respect.

Peace Everyone.


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haha nas is one of my fav artist

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really love this post man! Nas = one of the best

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i 4got about one mic now imma download it.

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nas is deff @ the top believe that
buh what i realli like about your blog is you sed you were going to do music and thats what you do best. i like how you dont go away from it and start doing fashion and other stuff..cool man i love
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i'm guessing u didn't like one love but anyway one mic is my fav song. Nas Is lIke is also one of my favorites

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