Nas Holston "Top 5"

This is Nas Holston top 5 hiphop artist at this current point. I will quickly explain its the top 5 artist he hs been listening to lately and there will be reasons why they are in his top 5. Its an idea like allhiphop.com top 5 but change abit. I will be asking more people for there top 5 so keep on the look out. Lets kick if off.
J. Cole is probably my favorite out of the group. His features on songs seem to be when he is at his best. Still listening to The Warm Up and The Come Up. Need that album to drop.

Curren$y is another rapper I've been listening a lot. He's very consistent with his music. It seems like I never hear a bad Curren$y. When you first listen to him you think he's not a very lyrical rapper. But when you get used to his flow you release his wordplay is crazy

I've been zoning out to Blu lately. In my opinion he's one of the most underrated rappers out now. Listening to all of his mixtapes as of now. People say that his music is boring. But if you pay attention then it's genius.

Drake is the hottest rapper out right now. Last year he probably was one of my favorites but I feel like he's gone down since he signed with Young Money. Still one of my favorites with the new album coming out. But I'm a big fan of his old music.

Big Sean is another one of my favorite rappers. He spits punchline after punchline in his songs. The only problem with him is that he doesn't have enough music.

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Malibu said...

i like j.cole i like wale, lupe, big sean and luda

Tommy The Fashionist said...