Show TuFli

Show TuFli is an up and coming rapper from Harlem. He is most known for being put out by Charles Hamilton. One thing I respect about this new dude is that he strives to be different. Nowadays we all know that most rappers songs sound all the same. Especially if you only listen to the radio. I don't know if this dude will be big. But he definitely has talent. Oh yeah and I'm running out of rappers for the featured artists posts. You might start seeing me post rappers who are not so good.

Show TuFli - Celebrate Addiction

Show TuFli - Beautiful Things

Show TuFli - Glamour Life


HipHopCulture said...

I like him he got talent good post Nas. Whats wierd is I must of drop my new post two seconds before you lol


The Ghost of Nas said...

my bad i had planned to post this yesterday. but i was busy

The Ghost of Nas said...

email protege927@yahoo.com

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By Thy Raidens said...

what is that music player on your page by the songs called