Mayweather vs. Mosley Fight

After seeing Mayweather win last night I thought I would blog about it today as there aint much going in hiphop today. It was a good fight and Mosley caught Mayweather with a great punch in the second round. But after that the Mayweather we all know started showing what he does best and the fight went all 12 rounds.s Mayweather won on points. Video highlights below from worldstarthiphop.

Peace All.


Tommy The Fashionist said...

i missed the fight :(

The Ghost of Nas said...

yeah i quit bloggin for the night. and went over my boys house to watch the fight.

NINO said...

follow mee pleasee , ill follow baqq

Harry Swag said...

yo check out my blog
i no ur already a follower
but i want u 2 check out my post on saturday i think you'll like it

Me said...

yea it was good but maybe now we can see that Mayweather Paciao fight.

The Ghost of Nas said...

too busy. hopefully i can get to it tmrow.

Harry Swag said...

u did as well
I need a microphone
I have a sound recorder on my laptop but it doesnt work

:( I want to record some beats though