Lil Kim & Nicki Beef?

Lil Kim has come forward to confirm her issues with Nicki Minaj are based on her belief of the Young Money emcee showing a lack of respect towards her.

Video of below Lil Kim speaks on Nicki Minaj.

LIL KIM SPEAKS ON NICKI MINAJ !!!! from KendraG.Com on Vimeo.

DRAKE disses Lil Kim
"I know Kim is in a “space” in her career, but it is time for somebody to take the highroad. I guess Drake’s GPS was a lil busted, because he took time out of his concert to address Kim. In concert, Drake said" ""I Don't Give A F*ck What Lil Kim Is Talking About. You The Baddest Woman To Ever Do This Sh*t" Talking to Nickie Minaj.

What you all think?

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