Eminem - Recovery REVIEW.

My review of Recovery - Eminem and there will be a review from Nas as well. So you all can see different views on the album. I wont be giving it ratings sorry all. Check the review below.

1. "Cold Wind Blows" - I like the beat on this track I think it links well with the rapping in the track. Nice metaphors in the track as well. For an opening track on the album it shows what he does best. To me its a normal Eminem rhyme on it. Almost reminds me of Em old days and it got Em singing on it as well. Last it got "Take a look at Mariah next time I inspire you to write a song" which I laughed at. It shows Eminem back.

2. "Talkin' 2 Myself" (featuring Kobe)- It starts of with Kobe doing the vocals which is the chorus and Em starts rapping after. Its an honest track as he Em says in it how he used to have thoughts of dissing Lil Wayne & Kanye West. Hatred was growing through my veins, on the verge of going insane/ I almost made a song dissing Lil Wayne.. / It’s like I was jealous of him cuz of the attention he was getting / I felt horrible about myself, he was spittin’ & I wasn’t, anyone who was buzzin’ could of got it.. / I almost went at Kanye. Which makes Eminem show his fans what could of happen but he knew it would be the wrong decision. Almost showing how honest Eminem is. The beat done by DJ Khalil and does a good job on it. Great lyrics on it and also says about how Encore and Relapse were not his best of work. Last gives T.I, Weezy and Kanye West to look up which shows he has respect and likes them artist.

3. "On Fire" - The beat is good and it has dark beat with heavy drums on it. The first real more aggressive track on the album. I thought he done a good job on it but may could gave abit more. Mr. Porter produce it and shows he is best at Rhyming. Still a strong track.

4. "Won't Back Down" (featuring Pink)- This got a rock kind of vibe to it from the beat and a lot people got mix feeling about the track. Pink done a good job with the vocals. One of the things I like on this track is when the volume gets lower and then increases it links in well with the rapping. Another DJ Khalil track. This track is growing on me since I first heard it.

5. "W.T.P." - W.T.P means White Trash Party. I know abit of a strange name for a track but its Eminem. This song is well done as lyrics goes very well with the beat which is a dope thing to do. The flow in the track is strong and kills it in certain parts. Aint my favorite track on the album but I enjoy listen to this one.

6. "Going Through Changes" - Very serious song and content of the song is so dope. I saw on an other review some one done of this track they put this, He explains how the pressures of being in the spotlight almost brought him to suicide & how hard it is to bounce back from it. Which I agree Em does explain it all. Song is produce by Emile and the sample from Ozzy Osbourne on the chorus which links very well with the flow of the song. Adds part about Proof which is dope showing a small tribute about him on the track.

7. "Not Afraid" - One of my favorite songs this year we have all heard it as it been around for a few weeks now. The video just drop and its a classic track. This song got it all great rhymes and the flow is one of Em best. Produce by Boi-1da who very talented and shows what he can do just by hearing the beat of this song. A great first single on the album and it gives you the thought that album going to be one of Em best yet. I like this song so much it got over 100 plays on my Itunes.

8. Seduction - I love this track one of my favorites from the whole album. The beat is by Boi-1da again and its like a slow beat compare to the others on the album. But Eminem flow with it is incredible and it all the way thought the track I feel. Once you hear this track it will be on repeat I think. Its a deep song like past one Em done on old album. There’s a 7 disk cd-changer in the car/ And I’m in every single slot & your not.. Aw! Watch your chick! is my favorite line from it.

9. "No Love" (featuring Lil Wayne) - Its got Just Blaze on the beat and sample’s Haddway’s What Is Love. I aint biggest Weezy fan but he does a great job on this with his verse. Both artist use strong words in the song. We are seeing this collaboration again which if you think back to a couple years ago people thought it would never happen. Now it happen three times. Shows Shady’s is back to his best and his flow is dope like normal. Just look at a part of Eminem lyricism in the song. Get these whack cocksuckers off stage, where the fuck is Kanye when ya need him?/ Snatch the mic from em, bitch I’ma let you finish in a minute, ya the rap was tight but um.. / I just spit the greatest verse of all time so you might wanna go back to the lab & um.. Shady’s in the zone right now.

10.Space Bound - Em starts abit slower than normal on this song with his flow but it suits the beat at the being. I keep listening to this one track an cant figure what its about. It could be about or a girl. One you all need to hear as it a different type track to others. This song goes well as Em links well wit the sample. One my favorite joints on the album for sure.

11. Cinderella Man - This track was a very interesting one for me as I be looking around forums on the net for people views on it. It has a strong flow by Em and his words are strong also. But the chorus of the singing saying "Cinderella Man" is catchy which is odd. I like this track and it only one like it on the album. Your all understand what Im talking about when you hear it.

12. 25 To Life - This is what the album is all about a very powerful track and one of the best on the album. Em pulled this track off as he could be talking about his ex Kim on it. Which people might argue he is not. Eminem did go in on this I feel and it one of them track which will be on repeat on your ipod. The beat is dope and you all have to hear this track. And it was produce by Mr. Porter.

13. So Bad - Its produce by Dr Dre but you all will be able to tell that by hearing the beat on the track. An dope beat by Dre and the track reminds me abit of old Em music. Its one of these tracks which might have to grow on you at first. But he did go in on it which I have to say. Not many of these on the album.

14. Almost Famous - This is the track you all need to listen to its so dope. Every single second is great no lie. I promise you all will love this track. It got to be my favorite on the whole album. Reminds be of abit of 8 Mile I dont know why. Em did kill this and its one these joints you got think how does he do it. A must hear track from my view.

15. "Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna) - Em said that Rihanna done a great job on the track a few weeks ago in an interview. Which I must admit he was not wrong he told the truth. It shows what Rihanna does best her vocals are great. With Eminem lyrics in the song are powerful and its a great collaboration. Must better than I thought it was going to be. I feel this will be a single of the album and its a collabo might I want to see again.

16. You’re Never Over - We all knew we were going to see an Proof song one day. Hear it is and it is very inspirational, motivational and emotional I feel. We all know Proof was a great artist. Great end to the album I feel. Any proof fans will want to hear it. As we all thought this kind of track would be on Relapse but it was not. So you must check this track out.

If Proof could see me now,
I know he’d be proud
Somewhere in me deep down
There’s something in me he found
That made him believe in me
Now no one can beat me now

17. Untitled track or "Here We Go" - On my ipod I got it as untitled track as I dont know the name but I saw it was "Here We Go" somewhere so I put both as I dont know if its correct or not. Its the bonus track on the album and it produce by Havoc from Mobb Deep a decent beat. A dope way to end the album.

My thoughts on the album that it is Eminem best work in a long time. You can compare it to Relapse or Encore it in a different standard to them. The album been on repeat most of the day. I got it on pre-order as you have to buy it for the quality of it. Any hip hop fan or Eminem fan got to hear it. Many different types of tracks on the album but all are dope. You cant hate on the album. Production team were so good on the album which could been a key element of it. I heard many people say its a classic but I got to hear it more. As I dont label many albums classics.


Jared Michael said...

It'll take a few more spins before I can say it beyond a doubt, but we might be talking about the best rap album in the last 10 years. Not even playin

Jared Michael said...

Oh and solid review, keep up the good work for real

drewbreezzy said...

Nice review. I really dislike this album though. It's not for me.