Eminem - Recovery (Review)

Last night "Recovery" leaked onto the internet 2 weeks before it officially releases. First off, no one compare this to Thank Me Later. They're 2 totally different sounding albums. Below is a track by track review of this album. Funny how me and Brenn do 2 different reviews at the same time.

1. Cold Wind Blows (prod. By Dr. Dre) - Decent intro to the album. Not really feeling the hook. He came with the lyrics though. 7.5/10
2. Talkin' 2 Myself (Feat. Kobe) (prod. By DJ Khalil) - This is one of my favorites from the album. It's been on steady rotation ever since last night. The beat is crazy and Em goes off. 9/10
3. On Fire (Prod. By Mr. Porter) - This is song that shows his crazy lyrical ability. Don't worry about the beat or the hook cause he killed it. 8/10
4) Wont Back Down (Feat. Pink) (prod. By DJ Khalil) - Beat is nice. But I'm not feeling the Pink hook that much. Em comes with the lyrics though. 8.5/10
5) W.T.P. (Prod. By Havoc) - This track was pretty funny to me. White Trash Party? Ok. 7/10
6) Going Through Changes (prod. By Emile) - Soft sounding track that is very similar to Not Afraid. 8/10
7) Not Afraid (prod. By Boi-1da) - There is so much meaning behind the lyrics on this song. Just a reminder that Em can still make a chart topping single. 9.5/10
8) Seduction (prod. By Boi-1da) - Another solid track. That gets play. It seems like on ths album he's talking more about women. 8/10
9) No Love (Feat. Lil' Wayne) (prod. By Just Blaze) - Em and Wayne recapture their magic from "Drop The World". Both of them went off. Lil Wayne reminds of why he used to be the best. I'm definitely liking the sample. 10/10
10) Space Bound (prod. By Just Blaze) - This track has a different feel to it. Another track with a lot of meaning to it. 7.5/10
11) Cinderella Man (prod. By Eminem) - Em switches up the style once again on this track. I'm liking this joint. I'll probably use this song when I work out. 8/10
12) 25 To Life (prod. By Mr. Porter) - Starts off a little but the beat picks up. And do we even have to question whether Em killed it or not. 8.5/10
13) So Bad (prod. By Dr. Dre) - I wasn't really feeling this track that much. But I wouldn't consider it a skipper. The beat is what you would expect from Dr. Dre. 7.5/10
14) Almost Famous (prod. By Jim Jonsin) - Another track murdered lyrically. 8.5/10
15) Love The Way You Lie (Feat. Rihanna) (prod. By Alex Da Kid) - Soft track with beautiful vocals from Rihanna. It's different hearing this type of a song from Em but it's good. 9/10
16) You're Never Over (prod. By Dr. Dre) - Track is a dedication to his friend and former rapper Proof. Can't get mad at this. 8/10
17) Here We Go (prod. By Havoc) - Solid way to end the album but it could have been better. 7.5/10

In my opinion this is Em's best album since "The Eminem Show" which is one of my favorite rap albums. I wouldn't consider it a classic but we know he's back after making his "Recovery". Good/Solid album.


HipHopCulture said...

Nas, great views. I agree it aint a classic but it very solid album.

Tokyo.Diamond said...

Nice review on the album. I'm listening to it now. This album was better then his last one.