Kanye West - Monster (Video Stills)

I guess we can all say that Kanye's video's are always interesting. Video looks crazy with all the dead chicks in it. In other news it turns out Nicki's song "Roman's Revenge" was not a diss towards Lil Kim. It was a diss at Lil Mama.


John@CommonLife said...

haha looking like crazy! Everybody looks fly

Dee O. said...

WOW...the video looks tuff..i'm not gonna lie lol but those dead girls are scaring me too! i was actually wondering today if they were gonna make a video for that song, this is such a coincidencce that i'm seeing this now lol. and "roman's revenge" was abt lil' mamma?! i think thats some bull..but wuteva, these broads can have at it until they get bored it doesn't effect me anyways since i don't get down with any of their music lol