Detox Latest - Dr Dre

I never really done a post on Dr Dre but I heard something yesterday which was interesting. Dre said Dextox is coming but people have to know he stops and starts with it. As he is always working with other artists and making beats etc. But he said his album is coming early next year and it will have 50 Cent and Game in separate tracks. I cant wait for this album to group he been working on so long and if its like his other two it will be great. Video below of Dr Dre asking a questinon about detox.

And Dr Dre Ft Eminem - Forget About Dre


Nas said...

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MalibuMara said...

the amas?
lol, and i love dre,
have you seen the beats by dre headphones?
probably you have,
what do you think of them?
one of my freinds was saying they are overrated and that there are other better brands out there.

Nas said...

Ok this is the same problem I ran into. The file you downloaded is a zip file. click and get into the folder. Put the xml document file you see into a different folder and upload the xml document file. it took me a month to learn that.