What's Going On (Nov. 24th)

Ok so there's a lot going on right now. Big things going on. The Jay-Z vs. Beanie Sigel beef or the Beanie Sigel vs. some dude who won't respond is at his worst. The 2 tracks he dropped on sunday were bad and its starting to get sad check what illDoc has to say about it in the video. Wiz Khalifa dropped his album today called "Deal Or No Deal" I wrote a review check it on MathClassHeroes. Also, yesterday I found out Lupe Fiasco is dropping a mixtape "Enemy Of The State: A Love Story" on Thanksgiving something to feast on. Below are some new tracks that dropped.


Nas said...

hopefully u will be cool with the changes I've made to the blog. if not you're welcome to change them back. im just trying to bring a new style

JUSTIN said...

I like the new look! good job man

TOXiC said...

Lol word even tho everyone knows Jay never is gonna have come back, although it wud be nice to hear just a hot 16 just for da streets to enjoy. Hip-hop beefs fuels the game in one way or another so Come Jay jus this once for Hip-Hop.


P.s- Kick ass blog my dude!

P.s.s- why doesn't one like to cruse in there blog its free dammit try it.