What's Going On (Nov. 22nd)

New Wale track:

I know it's late but I felt like posting this anyway. Aren't you getting tired of the Beanie Sigel disses on Jay-Z cause I am. He needs to come out and give a true reason why he isn't cool with Jay-Z anymore. All I hear is shots at Jay and say Kill him. What he do? Didn't watch the AMA's but there were some good performances check the one with Jay and Alicia Keys. Check the new Slaughterhouse vid I think its dope. And I added a new track by Wale that was released yesterday.

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HipHopCulture said...

Seems Beanie Seal doing all these dissin but Jay aint doing nothing back. Which shows Jay Z does not really car to be honest?
Beanie newest diss I think jsut a wanna be of Take Over JayZ done to Nas.