Interview With Tommy The Fashionist

1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Tomas Monti from , Italy but my dads job make us move around alot. I lived 5 years in Italy, another 5 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2 years in Caracas, Venezuela and this is my 3rd year living in LA were i started to get my passion for fashion.

2. Tell us a bit about your blog?
My blogs name is Tommy The Fashionist. Its about fashion, art and culture but mostly about fashion. I normally try to post art and culture but my feelings for fashion just oversahdow the rest and i just end up posting fashion ahaha.

3. What made you make your blog?
Diggy Simmons was a big part of me starting my blog bacause I had a passion for fashion but i just didn’t know how to express, it until I saw the episode Blog Wild from Runs House were Diggy told us about his blog and that gave me an idea of what to do.

4. We know your in to fasion so what kind of style are you?
I am really into street wear!!! but with a touch of high fashion. I rock alot of Nike SB, Crooks and Castle, Lrg etc but i will always add some Louis Vuitton or Ralph Lauren in the eqation. But there some days were i will just bust out some outfits with a shirt and a bow tie and people will be like i thought you liked street wear... So im pretty unpredictable.

5. Who is your favourite fasion designer?
Umm this one pretty though there is soo many good designers that I like alot. I would say my favorite is Ralph Lauren beacuse as a little kid my mom would dress me up all in Ralph Lauren and i kind of continue to wear Ralph Lauren to this point in my life.

6. What kind of clothing brands do you wear?
I wear alot of street wear and Urban Wear. I really like Billionare Boys Club and Ice Cream, Bape, Crooks and Castles and I always add a touch of Louis Vuitton or Ralph Lauren. But my favorite by far is Nike SB i am trying to build a collection although i am far from that.

7. What kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to alot of Hip Hop and Rap, maybe here and there i might add a little of pop. My favorites artists are Jay-Z, RUN DMC, Kid Cudi Michael Jackson and many more.

8. Whats your Favourite song of alltime?
Umm this one is really hard there alot of good ones out there. I would say my favorite song of all time would be Its tricky by RUN DMC. But if you ask me whats my favorite song right know it would be Point to Prove by Diggy Simmons because you can tell how real and how much soul he put into the song.

9. In five years time what do you want to be doing or studying?
In five years I see myself out of high school hopefully with a scholar ship for my grades or for soccer, tennis or track. I really want to go to fashion school so that i can some day have my one clothing line and if that doesn’t happen wich I pray to god that I will I would like to have my own clothing store with a lot of clothes that I like.

10. Tell us about some of your sketches?
Man my sketches, I have been getting alot of comments and emails of people asking me to show them some of my sketches. The only problem is that all my sketches are for my clothing line and thats why i dont want to show them. I already have the name for my clothing line but just like my sketches they are kind of a secret. But i promise i will make a sketch just for you guys that want to see them and post them later.

11. Is there anything new happening to your blog in the up coming months?
Man there is alot coming up on my blog. I recently started doing the outfits of the week wich had positive feedback so i will keep doing that. Then I have an interview coming up with Tamar Nash that is almost done and finally I have some contest that will come right after the interview ohhh and i forgot i also have this new section wich is the blog of the month.

12. Last is there anything you would like to say?
Yea I would like to thank Hip Hop Culture for giving me an interview and I would like to give shouts outs to Diggy, Tamara, Jevon, Tamar Nash, Justin and Nnamz because they are the people whose blog i check out every day and keep me and my blog going so thank you for that


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