Wale Interview About Life, Music, Roc Nation And Jay Z.

Wale talks about Roc Nation.
"Roc Nation is a family so myself, Melanie Fiona, J. Cole -- it's a lot of these new young faces that you'll probably hear a lot more about in 2010 but myself, J.Cole & Melanie Fiona are carrying the flag as far as Roc Nation goes," Wale explained in an interview. "Some of us signed management [deals], some of us signed label [deals] through Columbia I believe. So it's a family, we talk all the time -- it's a family environment. This whole tour has been a family environment...I make what some people believe to be very good music -- and you can never let the hate stop you. I make good music and I make music for the soul."

Wale A True Artist.

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John said...

haha that stuff in the end was funny as shit haha. South Dakota Ave. with my northface basketball-shorts and timbs hahaha. Real nice post! Keep it up!