Murdered You On Your Own ....

This is a post about artist who have been out done on there own tracks. Collaborations happen in hiphop all the time in hiphop and you dont normally see the feature artist do better. So this is a post of some tracks where I feel they have. I saw an article like this on globalgrind and rap basement in last few weeks ago.
And Nas says it about Jay Z in Ether when he goes "Eminem Murdered You On Your Own S**t".

Jay-z Ft J. Cole - A star is Born
I love this track but I feel J Cole did better. He was class on this track and you have to agree.

Nas Ft AZ - Life's A Bitch.
This is one of my fav Nas tracks but I feel AZ did show a bit more on it than Nas. I hate to say it as im a massive NAs fan but AZ is such a talent rapper and shows what he does best. Nas did kill it as well.

Main Source “Live At The BBQ” (featuring Nas)
This is Nas’ first recorded appearance. He was just 17. Seriously. Nas show what he could do when he was given his first break. He kills it and outshinned on it.

Jay-Z “Renagade” (featuring Eminem)
To me Eminem did do betetr than Hov on this track. But you can argue with my view I think as Jigga did do a good job but Eminem was to dope I feel. An other factor Nas used Em’s verse on this as ammo for his “Ether”-ing of Jay-Z.

Kanye West - Touch The Sky ft. Lupe Fiasco
This is when lupe got his chance to show what he can do. I feel he done better than Mr West on this track. But I feel many people will argue me with this. Its just I think he did.

Fabolous Ft. Nicki Minaj - For The Money
I thought Nicki killed this and done better than Fab.

There are many more tracks these are just some I picked.



Jordan T. Dilwood said...

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Jay President said...

I agree with each joint except for Renegade. Remember, it was originally a Eminem and Royces joint that he gave to Jay...