Nipsey Hussle

It's been a minute since I've posted a new artist. Probably because I'm running out of artists to post. Nipsey Hussle is a rapper from LA. Hussle has been out for a minute and was featured on XXL's 2010 Freshmen List. A lot of people are saying that West Coast music is done he is one of the few artists from the West Coast that I approve of. He's been making music for a minute. The mixtape series "Bullets Ain't Got No Name". In 2010 he is working on his debut album "South Central State of Mind".


samlombard1313 said...

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Life of lelo said...

i been listening to nippsey hussle since hussle in the house in december of 08. Check out my blog now. totally diffrent

Common Life said...

That dude is most definietly, in my opinion, probably one of the biggest rising stars. He keeps it real, non of that industryshit, you gotta check out "the hussle way" too, that song is dope! Nipsey Hussle is the bomb haha!

Jay President said...

Nice Post on Nipsey. I know Im late when it comes to this dude...but Ive downloaded his earlier mixtapes and Im liking his talent. Finally, someone other than the Game is repping Cali hard!!