Interview with Tisha akafamous

Here's another interview this time its with Tisha but you might know here as akafamous from her blog or on twitter. The interview is below and I just want to thank Tisha for letting me interview her. Also I will have a couple more interview's to put on the blog in next couple of weeks. 

Tisha say abit about your self?

I'm a senior in high school *Class of '11* with a love for basketball & modeling. Aspiring to be a journalist using Blogger as the paper to convey the random thoughts of a mixed girl on the journey to success.

When did you first get interested in to modeling and was there any reasons?
I first started modeling when I was 11, yet stopped to continue to play basketball. Then one of my close friends, who was an aspiring model, passed away this past February and now everything I do is to get both of us another step closer to our dreams of modeling.

Your also in to fashion can you tell us about that?
I just love shopping and putting outfits together. It's crazy cuz I was the biggest tomboy growing up so when I say anything about fashion or critique someones outfit, my friends be like "okayyy ms. basketball player turned model turned fashionista" *sarcastic voice*

Tell us abit about your blog if you can?

My blog is simply the journal of random thoughts and life experiences I have, with actual news stories mixed in, rather it be national or hollywood gossip, always equipped with my opinion.

Is there anyone you look up to inspiration?

Yeah, def as I mentioned before my friend Mckenzie inspires me to continue to model. I look up to my grandparents/parents, hoping to make them proud.  And celebrity idols are Beyonce, Tyra, Alicia Keys & Lisa Leslie.

If you had to describe your own style what would you say?

Hmm...its generally very classy, I put together pieces in a way that's different, yet cute. Idk I just put together things kindve like Rihannas style.

What music our you in to and is there any specific artists ?

I love hip hop/rnb yet I listen to it all. Right now I'm new fans of Wale & B.O.B. But I love Bey, CB, Trey Songz, Wiz, Travis Porter, Eminem,ect.

In 5 years time what do you want to be doing?

In 5 years I'll be 23, graduating college with a masters in Journalism and minor in Fashion Merchandising.

Lastly is there anything else you would like to say?

And, just thanks for taking the time to interview MGMT. & I love your music blog, always a reliable source for much needed music reviews.

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Harry Swag said...

Yo dope interview dude
I am going to turn 11

Anonymous said...

Excellent interview. I like her style.

Ms. King said...

luv her blog, great interview Tisha

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bren for taking the time to do this. And coming from a journalist who interviews ppl a lot I like to say great job at choosing questions that convey my blog style. Mwah Xoxo.

bestsexymodel said...

awesome blog!......