Eminem & Jay-Z Concert Video and Pictures

Last night was the first show of Eminem and Jay-Z The Home and Home Tour. It started with B.o.B opening it and on stage for about 30 minutes. Then Jay-Z came out and performed some of his classic tracks. Jay-Z had Memphis Bleek and Young Jeezy on at separate times on stage. Then Eminem came out after Jay-Z finished. Em had many guests which were Dr Dre, B.o.B, Drake, Jay-Z, G-Unit, 50 Cent, D12, Trick Trick, The Alchemist. I seen a lot of videos from Eminem and Jay-Z performing from last night and everyone is dope. Some people are saying its the greatest hip-hop concert of all-time but we got three more shows yet. The Home and Home Tour continues Friday night (September 3) at Comerica Park and comes to Jay-Z's home of New York City on September 13 and 14 at Yankees Stadium.
Eminem Brings Out Dr Dre Eminem Brings Out 50 Cent and G-Unit Jay-Z - Free Mason Jay-Z Brings Out Young Jeezy Eminem Brings Out D-12 Jay-Z - Guess Who's Back Eminem & B.o.B - Airplanes 2 Eminem and Jay-Z Performed together Eminem Brings Out Drake Here some pictures more the concert which were on the internet.


Nas Holston said...

i was about to post this. but i had a feeling you already did.

AP :D said...

thats abosolutely insane! i want to go to the NY one badly but the tickets are like 500 bucks! lol it just looks like such a well put together show tho, the screens in the back round, the guest stars, etc.
check out the back to school looks posted on my blog and follow if you like!

Harry Swag said...

Are 50 and Jay cool now?

Danielle said...

wow, yeah i heard this was a pretty dope concert

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