Lauryn Hill & Nas @ Rock The Bells

At rock the bells Lauryn Hill brought out Nas to perform "If I Ruled The World". Its an incredible song and a great moment at this years rock the bells. Lauryn Hill & Nas @ Rock The Bells 2010 And hears the whole song and offical video for it as well. Nas - If I Ruled The World Ft. Lauryn Hill
 Earlier this month, Tone of Trackmasters spoke with the NY Daily News on how this track came about.
Nas featuring Lauryn Hill – “If I Ruled The World”
“We could have went and got Mariah Carey – we could have gotten anybody – but Lauryn Hill was hip-hop certified and she was right on the rise. This was Nas’ chance to cross over, and it was a perfect marriage. We went upstate, about three hours away, in a studio in Bearsville, N.Y., to record most the album (“It Was Written”). There was nothing to do there. We recorded it in a barn, a barn with a studio inside it. No city distractions. It worked.”


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