Lupe Fiasco - Lasers Update & Much More

With Lupe Fiasco third album coming out this year in March its called "Lasers". After all the problems with Atlantic Records over the album it caused problems and delays. In just under two months the album will be able to buy in stores and online. With some news on the up coming album it will have 12 tracks on the album. The first single of the album was "The Show Goes On" which came out last year and there is a video for the single. This album is one of the biggest anticipated albums of the year.

The next single off the album will be "Words I Never Said" which will be produced by Alex Da Kid. Another song which will be on Lasers is called "All Black Everything" this is meant to be one of Lupe Fiasco favorite songs. Which one feature on the album will an artist called Sway and its called "Break The Chains". The next single is going to get people talking and very controversial. Some of the producers Lupe has worked with on the album are The Neptunes, Kane Beatz, Soundtrakk and The Buchanans.

With Lupe Fiasco working on his next album which will come out after "Lasers". Hopefully it will come out late this year but could depend if Lupe still with his current label then. The title of it will be something like Food & Liquor II : Great American Rap Album or just one of the two I think.
Lasers March 8 2011!

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