What Slaughterhouse Say About Signing To Shady Records?

After the announcement of Slaughterhouse signing to Eminem label Shady Records. Three members of the group have spoke about joining the label and talked about the next album. So what did the members say and what can expect? Royce Da 5'9 said Eminem wants Slaughterhouse to do what they done with there first LP. He also went on to say getting Dr Dre production would be an honor and definitely someone they want to wrok with. The goal is to put the album out somewhen this year and they will have more time to work on it. As there first album they only worked six days on it so think what a few months would be like.

Crooked I said its good for hip-hop as a whole as its got four members from all different places. Then went on to say about the West Coast saying its good for it. How Slaughterhouse was formed and this deal will get there music more on the radio. One of the main things he said the group are going to come with the same style as before which is lyrical ability of the four members. Joe Budden interview with RealTalkNY about the deal he said what the group was passionate about and it was say with thing Eminem was passionate about. Went on to say this album will have a bigger budget for it and how Eminem is very passionate was the group and signing them. He said its going to be very competitive which you have to agree as in Slaughterhouse you got four lyrical artists then when they do a song with Eminem, there all wanting to have the best verse.

There has not been a interview yet with Joell Ortiz about signing to Eminem label or with the other signing Yelawolf. The label still has Eminem's group D-12 who have been working on a new album together still no date for it though. 50 Cent is also still on it who been working and writting on his new album since last year which is expected to come out this year. Another artist Cashis is still on the label and Slim Da Mobster who signed to Dr Dre label as well.

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