Question - Female Mcs?

What is happening to female hip-hop artists? After hearing some new music from Foxy Brown and Lil Kim in recent days I just want to know whats going on. Foxy Brown song was a dissed towards Lil Kim which you hear here. What is the point of this song its harming her career you cant even hear what she saying that well. Then after the Kim song "Black Friday" which was meant to be a diss to Nicki Minaj which was awful. Why are they making songs like this its ruining there past success? Both have been the biggest female hip-hop artists at one point in there career. But that was then this is now.

I just want to see a Lauryn Hill come back just think what it would do it hip-hop it make artists have to raise there game. After she headline Rock The Bells last year people were saying she going to return. Then some unreleased music from her hit the internet which no one knew where it came from. Look at another female artist Jean Grae she very talented and never disapoints in her music. There are a few female hip-hop artists out there its justs a lack of recession as not many are hitting the main stream.

Hopefully we will see some underground female artists breakthrough or something. Its lacking at this current time as all the attention is on Nicki Minaj at the moment which I say she deserves it. After getting signed to Young Money she has risen to the top of hip-hop which you cant argue. When I say top of hip-hop last year she was one of the hottest artists of winning awards, breaking records for records sales, number one songs in the music charts and many more.

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MalibuMara said...

yea i dont know what is wrong with female mcs. I mean when a new male rapper comes out they dont all attack eachother, they usually get together and make better music. I guess its bc there are so few of them they get scared they'll be replaced.