Fresh Prince && Dj Jazzy Jeff

This post is going back to early 90s of Fresh Prince ( Will Smith) and Dj Jazzy Jeff. Everyone knows Will Smith and have see Fresh Prince Of Bell Air. Its is a dope TV show. But this post is on the duo back in the day when they started in hip hop. They made albums like Rock The House, Hes The DJ im The Rapper, And In The Corner, Homebase, Code Red.
They made great tracks like A Touch of Jazz, Nightmare On My Street, Summertime, Parents Just Dont Understand etc.

Parents Just Dont Understand won a grammy adward and it was the first ever hiphop act which had won one before. I heard many tracks by the duo. I think they are DOPE. If you like hiphop your like them TRUST. Will Smith AkA Fresh Prince is a great old school rapper I think. And Dj Jazzy Jeff is one of the best DJs of all time in hiphop. Watch the videos below its some DOPE tracks from the duo and the beep box which Will Smith does in Fresh Prince Of Bell Air.

Will Smith Beep Box - Fresh Prince Bell Air Tv Show

Frsh Prince & Dj Jazzy Jeff - Summertime

Fresh Prince & Dj Jazzy Jeff - Hes The DJ, Im The Rapper


JUSTIN said...

haha i love fresh prince of bell air! that first vid is great haha but sup man u good?

Anonymous said...

love fresh prince

Anonymous said...


daniel said...

they where dope back in the day i wish they would do a comeback album or song or sumthing that would be dope.

90'sMUSICLOVER said...

thanx for your comment! i'm following you now. your blog is dope too. I love Tupac i like how you got him as the picture at the top. That's awesome =)...i love fresh prince i watch everyday over and over again. ive seen every episode. HOLLA AT YOUR GURL!


Smoothoperator said...

good post,i forgot all about the hiphop will used to drop.