I always check up on one of my favourite hiphop website http://allhiphop.com. They always do interviews with hiphop artists. Asking them there top 5 dead or alive hiphop artists. Well here is my mine.

Run D.M.C

"Run DMC to me are the best ever rap group of all time. I listen to there tracks all the time. They are dope.!

Jay Z

"He has been at the top for how many years now. I think blueprint 3 was a great album and one of his best. Jay Z such a great rapper to me and he has to be in my top 5."

LL Cool J

"This man is a hiphop legend. He made so many albums with def jam and all of them are great. I listen to nearly everyone of ll cool j tracks. I love every single one."

Krs One

"He is a genuis , he got to be the smartest rapper of all time. He can do anything. I read his book it is great. When Krs One starts rapping there is not many better than him. So he had to be in the list."

Big L

"Big L is all I been listen to at the momment, I got his album and his mixtapes. He was so good but it is such a shame that he died. RIP Big L."

Thats my list not in order but their are many over rapper who are close to the list.
The list is just people I been listen to at momment really. As people like Rakim, Nas, Common,Eminem,Dre,Tupac,Biggie Smalls, Dre, Eazy E, Andre 3000 were close. There are still more who I have not said. Its just my five at the momment really. What you think? Do your list if you want to?


JUSTIN said...

whats good man i agree on this list got some i dont really listen to and some other i do.. keep it up man

Gfather435@hotmail.com said...

they all legends but only jay & Run D would be in my top 10. as far as working together if we culd get it worked out right im wit it.

Anonymous said...

yh man ur blogs doin a lot im a follow g
yh subscribe 2 mine i need 2 get going wiv dis blog

Gfather435@hotmail.com said...

yeah i don't kno either. i think u can add a writer to ur blog so if u want to write on the blog i think i culd figure it out

Anonymous said...

good list

daniel said...

you check out my blog i just posted something. its young jeezy complex pic and vid check it out. its dope!

C.Freezze said...

iCan digg that list;but mines is biggie,tupac,jadakiss,public enemy,and the fuggess

Smoothoperator said...

biggie,big l,jay-z,nas,krs-one