Today In General

Just wanted to do a quick post, as I am so busy for the next couple of hours.
Def Jam has been aroud for 25YEARS now, I got to give it up to them. They have done such a good job and its a dope record label I think .Other news in the hiphop world today is LL Cool J is a nomination for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. If LL Cool J gets in to the hall of fame he would be the third hiphop act in it. As Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five and Run D.M.C have been put in to the hall of fame recent years. I am 100% supporting LL Cool J to get in. He been around for 25 years now and he is a great rapper.

Also wantd to give a big shout out to http://theswagglife.blogspot.com/
To me its the dopest blog your ever see, I always check it daily.
Daniels blog is great as he put so much in to it and its allways got fresh posts.
And he will always help you if you need it. Check his blog out its DOPE.



jaassnnaa said...

:D like it

MalibuMara said...

1. i love def jam
2. and yes im cowriting on diggy's blog kinda,
im making posts on the first of every month for the females so he has some stuff for his female readers,
we email and he gives good advice and stuff but, yes its cool :)

MalibuMara said...

what do you mean?

Anonymous said...

def jam iz my fav label of all time

Smoothoperator said...

does ll cool j even rap anymore lol??

Check out my new post


MalibuMara said...

oh, i make all of mine,
i don't know where to get anyfrom...
just photoshop one with stuff you like,

iidevon said...

dope blod bro keep it up.!follow me and ima follow you