Big L & Jay Z Freestyle "1992" - Its DOPE!!

This is a freestyle from back in the day in 1992. Its Jay Z and Big L its a classic. I think its dope you should listen. Your all love it trust!

Jay Z is one of the best MCs of all time now.
Big L is one of the best ever I think but he pass away so R.I.P to a legend in my eyes.


Jevon said...

deff a classic :D. Its amazing how someone can stay true for all these years and not let fame get the best of him, im talkin bout JayZ. and Big L man.. damn he is da best, People like him Nas Lupe etc they are the greatest in my mind

Anonymous said...

datz dope

Smoothoperator said...

Big L ripped it. Thats a sick freestyle.

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daniel said...

yo i just posted a IN TO MY MIND post ( thats what the post is called) you should check it out i no for a fact you will like it for shureee. lol

daniel said...

OH! ye i forgot to say that in my post lol.
i didnt get clothes for my b-day i got lost of ice cream stuff BBC stuff and sum other stuff i cant rember i got alot tho lol:P

Gfather435@hotmail.com said...

great post i think im gonna steal it lol. big l is a legend. lol at jay-z teeth wit the high top fade.